The Goal:

"The film is a tribute to the visionary who redefined climbing style, the engineer who helped revolutionize climbing equipment, the artist whose iconic photography documented the most celebrated first ascents on Yosemite's big walls, and the conservationist who lead the international effort to save historic Camp 4, the traditional home and meeting place for Yosemite climbers."  Steve Grossman

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Our Philosophy:  

The cleanest line to the top is to try to have this film 100% community funded. This is the one and only shot we have to tell this story correctly because we have access to Tom Frost and his legacy of friends. The generous brands associated with the film to date have donated product only, zero cash. This is why it's so important to spread the word.  

Every single climber we have interviewed has taken time away from family, friends & climbing to help us achieve our goal.  They gave to us regardless of whom they are sponsored by. This is extremely rare... and in such "good style".  This is a reflection on how Tom Frost has lived his life. We feel that profiting from another person's “Life Story” or “Brand” goes against Flatlander Film’s core values. We have been given a “gift” to tell a life story and we will not profit from it.  Any and all profits will be donated to a charity of Tom Frost's choosing. 



This project has been 100% funded by Tom Seawell & Jeff Wiant for the past 4 years. A true grass roots passion project. The only money received prior to the Indiegogo campaign was from a private donation of $5000 to hire a lawyer to make sure we do this adventure correctly and in "good style". Jeff and Tom both have our own production companies. &

This is what they do on a daily basis. They own all their own gear and both love to be behind the camera. Tom loves to interview, produce and direct. Jeff loves to edit, art direct & write.  We are very fortunate to be frugal, small and capable of creating the illusion of great production value. Jeff's & his sister designed the patch and sticker. Seawell's mother has transcribed 40 hours of interviews and is our bookkeeper. Everyone on our team has been a volunteer to date. Every athlete we have interviewed put themselves above their sponsors to give us their time. Why would a bunch of flatlanders (non climbers) be so inspired to do this? This story goes way beyond climbing. This film, if done correctly and with your help, has the ability to inspire people to get outside, be safe, and courteous to Mother Earth. 

Filmmakers Tom Seawell and Jeff Wiant are both Santa Barbara Brooks Institute graduates. Seawell, based in San Francisco, is an award winning photographer who expanded into film and motion in the past decade. Wiant is an award winning portrait photographer whose video production company in San Diego is a go to shop when a project needs some sizzle. Together, they thought they had a neat little project on their hands when they approached Tom Frost, founder of Chimera Lighting Equipment, a man that they worked with in the world of photography. Chimera is an industry leader and a brand that changed the movie and photography landscape.


Seawell was lucky enough to have worked with Tom Frost in the past, and this working relationship lead to this project being born.  The goal: to create a film about the legendary climber, photographer, & engineer Tom Frost.

Frost immediately started calling Seawell and Wiant (who had never been out of the housekeeping cabins in Yosemite) “flatlanders” and the production company name was born: Flatlander Films.

To be able to tell this story is a gift to Tom and Jeff. Please help them in completing their goal.


Why does this movie NEED to be made?

"Since beginning production, not one person approached has declined an interview" - Tom Seawell

Flatlander Films has been self-funded and already completed over 40 interviews, and through this funding effort, they will be able to reach their goal: to focus on this project full time. To do that, they need to hit their goal financially, allowing them to complete this project within a year. Time is of the essence as, unfortunately, nobody is getting any younger! 

Regardless of whether or not the financial goal is met, Tom and Jeff will complete this project. It just may take longer, being slowed down by having to stop and work on other (paying) projects. So any contribution would be a tremendous help. 

Since Tom and Jeff own their production companies, they have the knowledge and experience required to get this production completed.


What’s the money for?


Independent Filmmakers aren’t unlike dirtbag climbers, we find a way to work on our passion with very little funding. But some things simply can’t get done on cat food. There are Tom Frost fans far and wide, and some of the most famous climbers in the world are, well, all around the world. We need to go to them to get their stories.

Funding will go towards travel expenses such as hotel accommodations and airfare, and will also allow Tom and Jeff the time to focus on this project uninterrupted.

The importance of this project is to recognize Tom Frost for all his contributions;

  • Revolutionizing the climbing world - not only focusing on better products, which led to improved safety, but also leading in the "clean" climbing movement.
  • Being an amazing photographer and capturing some of the most recognizable images of the golden age of climbing.
  • Personally funding a campaign to save Camp 4 at Yosemite.
  • Being a great American hero & climbing legend.


    This is such an important project to Tom and Jeff and your help with this campaign is essential. But they're not just after your money. Any help you can provide by spreading the word of this project would be greatly appreciated. The more people that know about this legend, and all he has done for the climbing community and environment, the better!

    Thank you!


    To learn more about what Tom & Jeff do for day jobs feel free to visit their commercial websites. Thank you!  



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