The cleanest way to make this film is to try to have it 100% community funded. Every single climber we have interviewed has taken time away from family, friends & climbing to help us achieve our goal.  They gave to us regardless of whom they are sponsored by. This is extremely rare... and in such "good style".  This is a reflection on how Tom Frost has lived his life.

OUR Favorite Perk

If all of our friends, family and the entire climbing community donates just $1, we'll be over our goal in no time. $1 or more means so much to us, we can't do this without your help. And like a good potato chip, we're hoping you don't stop at just 1. This MOST IMPORTANT perk gets you "thank you" in the film credits, right up there with everyone else!



Flatlander Films has been self-funded and already completed over 40 interviews, and through this funding effort, they will be able to reach their goal: to focus on this project full time. To do that, they need to hit their goal financially, allowing them to complete this project within a year. Time is of the essence as, unfortunately, nobody is getting any younger! 

Regardless of whether or not the financial goal is met, Tom and Jeff will complete this project. It just may take longer, being slowed down by having to stop and work on other (paying) projects. So any contribution would be a tremendous help. 

Since Tom and Jeff own their production companies, they have the knowledge and experience required to get this production completed.