We Are Community Funded

The cleanest line to the top is to make this film 100% community funded. This is the one and only shot anyone will have to tell this story accurately as we have been entrusted with Tom Frost’s exclusive and personal support, and by virtue of that – his legacy of friends.

Flatlander Films has interviewed over 40 of the best climbers in the world today. They want the story to be told regardless of their corporate sponsors. This is extremely rare — and in such “good style” — a true reflection of how Tom Frost has lived his life and influenced theirs.

From the individual climber to corporate industry benefactors, we need the entire community’s support. We need your help to get this film made and to help to spread the word. The more people that know about this legend, and all that he has done for the climbing community, for the environment we currently have, and for the environment that we all want to leave for future generations, the better!

“It’s not that you get to the top, its how you do it.”


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